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Eight good reasons for being a Häfele partner

Häfele Managing Director Sibylle Thierer explains the customer benefits





We provide more than just fittings: We provide solutions
You know us as the world’s leading company for hardware. We specifically develop new ideas, products and services that shape, supplement and extend the scope of what we provide. All with the aim of providing you with made-to-measure and economical solutions that will make you more competitive.
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    We provide you with competent advice
    The Häfele specialist advicers are experts in every aspect of hardware - from functionaility to quality, from design to rational processing. They provide competent and individual advice, and help you to make your hardware selections.
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    We provide you with individual services
    As a cabinet maker, interior builder, office furniture manufacturer, shopfitter, kitchen builder or project planner. Häfele will support you with products and individual services that suit the market. With regard to technology and price we will suggest alternatives that are tailored to your special requirements.
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    We will provide you with a gigantic, up-to-date hardware product range
    Our standard product range consists of more than 50,000 items, all of which appear in the "The Complete Häfele" catalogues and our online catalogue. Our contacts with markets, developers and designers ensure that the product range is continuously updated. We observe the latest market trends in the living and fitting sector and organise our product range accordingly.
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    We offer you fair prices 
    We can offer you reasonable prices because we carry out rational mass production in our facturies and purchase large quantities worldwide.
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    We deal with your orders carefully and speedily 
    Most of our articles are delivered from stock. Our sales offices accept your orders, process them immediately and have the products delivered punctually from our main warehouse and dispatch centre, therefore ensuring that delivery is quick and reliable. 24-hour delivery can be arranged if you wish.
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    We help you to save time and money
    With Häfele you benefit from the best possible advice and comprehensive product ranges, our procurement know-how, simple ordering and selling channels and a unique range of services. 
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    We are your guarantee of more profitability
    Häfele gives you the confidence of having top quality products, advice, services, prices, delivery and processing. Quality assurance is a matter of course at Häfele and is continously improved, regardless of the product range you decide on and which of our 50,000 articles you select.
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