Identification and Locking Systems Dialock EFL Furniture Locks T-C-H TCH 2-0-1-3 2013 H-ä-f-e-l-e Häfele L-t-d Ltd 2-0-1-3 2013 i-o-n-a-l ional d-a-t-a data n-o-t not W-e r-e-s-e-r-v-e reserve t-h-e the r-i-g-h-t right t-o a-l-t-e-r alter a-t-i-o-n-s ations w-i-t-h-o-u-t without n-o-t-i-c-e notice e-t Section Page info@hafele www hafele 0800 171 2909 Locking bolt Fixing plate Lock case Installation overlay doors Installation inset doors door overlay door thickness theoretical pivot point 450 7±0 7±0 240 With cable length Unmonitored Monitored 237 000 237 030 237 004 237 034 Dialock EFL Furniture lock case Comprises Lock case nickel-plated zinc alloy Fixing plate nickel-plated zinc alloy Locking bolt grey plastic AMP plug connector Connecting cable lengths Application For use furniture and office equipment such roller shutters flaps hinged doors and drawers For door widths min 450 for overlay doors min 240 for inset doors Operation Electro-mechanical lock Fail locked locks when power Locking bolt floating compensate for any tolerances Technical data Power supply Direct Current Continuous current consumption Tensile load >200 acc DIN 852 Monitored version Contact rating 10mA maximum Order qty Cat Drilling template 237 990 Drilling template For Central Locking lock cases Order qty Finish Cat Nickel-plated 237 106 Locking bolt For use with furniture lock cases item Zinc alloy Order qty Lead length Cat 200 823 780 Distributor 12V Plug with six 12V couplings White plastic Order qty Lead length Cat 823 318 823 327 Extension cable for secondary side For Dialock EFL furniture lock case For power supply output extender With AMP plug and socket Load carrying capacity 12V Black plastic Order qty